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Chamber Digital Partner: Darragh Company

DarraghSince 1906, builders and contractors across Arkansas have counted on Darragh Company for top-quality building materials and expert guidance. With our Tool Central locations, we now offer an even wider selection of professional-grade tools and equipment.

Company Sales Information

We are helping to build Arkansas from the ground up through top quality professional products and services from construction materials and supplies, to rebar fabrication, formwork, geotech fabrics, erosion and storm water control, highway products, safety products, firestop installation, gypsum underlayment installation, scaffolding rental and installation, equipment sales and rentals and tools and accessories.

Why We Love Being a Chamber Member

The Little Rock Chamber understands the relationships that are critical for our company’s growth and development.

Contact Us
Jason May
Marketing Manager
o. 501.537.6535
1401 E. 6th St.
Little Rock, AR 72202
Kramer Darragh
Chairman of the Board
o. 501.372.2112
1401 E. 6th St.
Little Rock, AR 72202
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