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Cost of living

A dollar of income supports more real spending in the Little Rock region than it would in other more expensive parts of the country. 

Summary about cost of living in Little Rock:

  • Four-person family monthly costs: $2,570 without rent (using our estimator).
  • A single person monthly costs: $742 without rent.
  • Cost of living index in Little Rock is 40.35% lower than in New York.
  • Cost of living rank 180th out of 388 cities in the world.
  • Little Rock has a cost of living index of 59.65.

Major Employers

The Little Rock region is home to many large employers in a variety of industries. Government, healthcare, manufacturing/distribution and banking/finance are the top employers. Little Rock has seen a growth in FinTech and tech-related companies.

Why Little Rock?

Looking to enjoy the finer things in life without breaking the bank? You’ve come to the right place – the purchasing power in Little Rock is like no other.