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Startups and Innovation

With the presence of the Little Rock Tech Park, The Venture Center, two national FinTech accelerators, and the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, among other assets, Little Rock is becoming known and respected in the startup/innovation sector.

Little Rock Tech Park - An innovation district designed to enable new forms of enterprise, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and commercialization of ideas within and between Arkansas’ entrepreneur, private, government and academic sectors.

The Venture Center - The Venture Center promotes and facilitates the growth of entrepreneurial and technology development at the grassroots level in Central Arkansas

Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub - a collaborative ecosystem of innovation that will drive development along with unique opportunities for hands-on training and experience at its Innovation Center.

Little Rock is the birthplace of FinTech, and hosts two national FinTech Accelerators designed to accelerate the growth of early-stage financial technology ventures: the FIS FinTech Accelerator & the ICBA ThinkTech Accelerator. 

Notable innovation success stories

      • Apptegy, Inc.
      • BankLabs
      • BOND.AI
      • Gas Pos
      • LumoXchange
      • Metova
      • MobX
      • Peer Mortgage Network
      • RaftUp Technologies


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