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The metro Little Rock region is made up of 12-counties with a population of over 1,000,000 people reflecting the mobility of its workforce. It is located in the center of the country with 40% of the nation's population and buying power within a 550-mile radius. Metro Little Rock is at the crossroad of Interstate 30 and the most heavily traveled Interstate in the nation, Interstate 40. The region benefits from a diversified economic base revolving around advanced manufacturing, aerospace, information technology, medical/healthcare, military and nonprofit industries.

The Metro Little Rock Alliance (MLRA) is an economic development organization marketing for this 12-county region. Created to cultivate regional growth and prosperity throughout the area, the Alliance markets the region’s strengths and advantages to prospective companies and site location consultants for the purpose of attracting investment and creating jobs.


Ready to relocate or expand?

Contact Jay Chesshir, President & CEO, at 501.377.6002.

Major Employers

The Little Rock region is home to many large employers in a variety of industries. Government, healthcare, manufacturing/distribution and banking/finance are the top employers. Little Rock has seen a growth in FinTech and tech-related companies.

Need more information about economic development?

If you have questions about how the chamber can help your business or how you can get involved in growing our regional economy, contact the Economic Development Team.