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Regional Data

MSA Employment

  • Employed = 351,621
  • Unemployed = 11,518
  • Labor Force = 363,139
  • Unemployment = 3.2%

Labor Survey

The Little Rock Regional Chamber began a Pulaski County Annual Industrial Survey in January 2018 to better understand the resource and workforce needs of the industrial businesses in Central Arkansas. 

Industry leaders in Pulaski County were invited to participate in an online, 51-question survey. You can view the executive summary of those results here.

Industry Workforce Reports

The Little Rock Regional Chamber is working to achieve alignment between labor supply and industry demand within our region’s key industry sectors as part of our continued efforts to grow and strengthen the workforce in central Arkansas. Toward that end, we conducted a supply/demand analysis informed by Emsi labor market analytics, industry interviews and selective focus groups.

These documents share the results of that discussion and analysis in order to provide the region’s leaders in government, business, non-profit and education with a data-driven assessment of our region’s workforce. This assessment is intended to inform labor market investment, policy, and training and curriculum strategy for our region moving forward.

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