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Almost Qualified Training

UA-PTC offers its unique Almost Qualified pre-employment training to companies when they are not able to find an adequate supply of skilled workers to meet their demand.  The program identifies individuals with the desired soft skills and then trains them on the required technical skills for employment with that specific company.

The program is proven successful based on the following model:

  • UA-PTC advertises the upcoming training program for the identified company and potential employment opportunity
  • The college screens and selects applicants for the class
  • The college provides all facilities, classrooms, tools, and adjunct instructors according to the contract established with the company
  • There is no tuition cost to the students
  • Program is conducted in two phases:
    • Phase 1 assesses the students and advances to Phase 2 only those with the company’s desired employability skills
    • Phase 2 provides the customized technical training based on company specifications
  • An adjunct instructor from the company participates during both phases
  • Completion of both phases guarantees an interview with the company, but does not guarantee employment
    • The majority of companies who use the Almost Qualified program, hire 100% of Phase 2 completers

For more information on UA-PTC’s Almost Qualified program, contact Bentley Wallace at

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